Customer Service Delivers ROI

A GoldMine customer was looking for reasons to upgrade from their Corporate Edition GoldMine to Premium.  With 21 users they were concerned they could justify the investment in software and services.   Demonstrations and discussions were enough to convince them that it was the right move and they opted to move forward with the purchase through First Direct Corporation. 
After six months I (Bob Ritter) interviewed the customer to see if they believed they made the right decision.  Here’s a bulleted list of what my customer said to me:

  • The Case Management capabilities and the Service Center have helped us to be far more efficient and focused
  • The ability to create, escalate and move a case around is a great help for us to work as team
  • The interface is very easy to use
  • Our engineering department, with eight engineers, is able to set and focus on priorities. We’re continually updating priorities and sorting cases this way so we address the most important needs
  • Our phone support people are tracking calls from 11K franchise customers using support templates to make sure our cases have continuity and thus reporting.   Templates are associated with types of issues we troubleshoot.
  • Thanks to the new capabilities and improved user interface of GoldMine overall, the level of usage of GoldMine has risen overall

With the added benefits in Premium Edition there  is greater interest in using GoldMine more fully in other ways.  We envision greater use of the Details Tab for tracking products owned, the Knowledgebase for procedures, Pipeline Management, Automated Processes, and more.

Thanks to GoldMine Premium Edition there is greater commitment to using CRM technology throughout the company.  Our  customer summed it up best when they said, “We are happy with the ROI – and glad we made the decision to upgrade to Premium with First Direct Corp!”