Handling Mass Undeliverables

Here is a tip to help you deal with the large volume of “non-deliverable email” one gets back as a result of doing a broadcast email with GoldMine. Rather than dealing with the returned (failed) email messages in your email center inbox, create an email rule that automatically files these emails into a special folder to be handled when you see fit.

Simply create a new rule for incoming messages that identifies emails with a subject that contains the various possible scenarios for undeliverable email. (There’s quite a few, and new ones are continually being added.) As the rule’s action, have it file the email to a special folder you’ve created beforehand for undeliverable mail. Remember to activate your rule just before doing a broadcast.

Also, don’t forget to deactivate it a day or two after your broadcast. When you’ve got the time to clean up all those bad email addresses, go into the folder containing all your undeliverable email. To find the corresponding records in GoldMine, just lookup based on “details” for “email address” and type in the email address contained in returned message.

Bonus Benefit – Doing broadcast emails and going through your non-deliverables is a great way to learn about changes in prospect and customer records. With such a large percentage of turnovers in companies, keeping up with non-deliverable email is an effective tactic for alerting you of personnel changes so you can keep your database up-to-date.