Word Link Security Issue

Hopefully, if you are a Goldmine user you are already taking advantage of GoldMine’s link to Microsoft Word. This link allows users to easily create MS-Word templates for use with GoldMine’s Document Management Center features. There are a few settings we recommend you change in MS-Word in order to make this link work better for you and your users.

Newer versions of Microsoft Word (primarily Word 2003 but maybe other versions, too) have a security feature that is meant to protect us, but unfortunately this feature can cause a negative side effect for us GoldMine users. You may have seen this message when merging a GM template with MS-Word: ”This document contains links that may refer to other files. Do you want to update this document with the data from the linked files?”

The user is prompted to click “Yes” or “No.” Besides the annoyance this creates for users (even for those who know to click “Yes”), this message causes problems with the printing of letters through GM’s Automated Processes, as well as basic mail merges. In order to work around this issue go to the Tools→Options… menu in MS-Word. Select the General tab, and uncheck “Update automatic links at Open” option. Click “OK” to save thechange and close MS-Word. You will no longer be bothered with that message, and your AP’s will print those letters without difficulties.  (Remember you have to do this on every workstation with the GM-MS Word Link installed.)