Create Eye Catching HTML Email Campaigns

GoldMine has the ability to send HTML email messages, which allows more sophisticated text formatting, such as selected fonts, colors and styles as well as inserted image files.

Even though GoldMine has the ability to send HTML emails, its not necessarily the best option for creating HTML emails. In order to create truly eye catching HTML email campaigns try using an HTML authoring tool such as: Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or 1st Page 2000 just to name a few. An HTML authoring tool will enable a person with the right skills to create truly amazing HTML emails.

Once you have your email created in the HTML authoring tool of your choice simply copy and paste the HTML source code into a GoldMine Email Template and save it in the Document Management Center.

You’re now ready to test your email campaign. Test your email by sending a draft of the email to your GoldMine email account or any email account will do. Make sure the formatting is correct and that all links and image files are working properly. If you need to make changes do so in the HTML editor and then paste the new code into the GoldMine Email Template in the Document Management Center, over writing the old code. Once you’re satisfied with the results you’re now ready to send the email to your target audience.

First Direct Corp has proven experience with creating effective HTML email marketing campaigns and other promotional messages. For more information on Creating Eye Catching HTML Email Campaigns contact us.