Use Merge Codes to Reach Key Contacts

The “Merge Code” feature in GoldMine can help you to market better by assisting you to reach more decision makers and influencers within the firms you are targeting. Adding key additional contacts to your direct mail and email campaigns is one way to better penetrate targeted firms, thereby helping to ensure that your message reaches someone who may find it appealing and act on it.

While Filters and Groups help you to segment your database, merge codes help you to identify the correct individuals within those records that should receive your communications. GoldMine lets you associate one or more merge codes for each contact’s mailing and email address. It takes extra effort to code them in two places, but it does let you distinguish who should get email and who should get snail mail. Make sure to populate the lookup lists with codes so that entries into records are consistent.

Remember that when you’re merging letters or emails based on codes that it also applies to the primary contact, so they should be coded too!