Don’t Keep GoldMine a Secret

The public relations department of a firm that already owned GoldMine was in need of a solution to help them with their responsibilities.  It was by chance that they discovered that their company owned GoldMine software and sales people were already using it.  PR folks decided to take a closer look at what GoldMine could be used for, its features, etc. 

What they discovered was that GoldMine was an answer to many of their needs.  In fact, it was an ideal tool for helping to manage many of the functions that a PR department does.

Like sales, a big aspect of PR is follow up.  GoldMine gives them a better means to stay on top of their media contacts.  Its ability to merge and personalize communications into emails, letters and faxes is tremendous for them.   The InfoCenter gives them a very effective way of storing and providing access to PR communications. 

By creating a separate database (file) and limiting access to only certain GoldMine users they can keep their media contacts and information apart from the sales force and visa versa.  They can create a special “PR screen” where they can enter facts/details and notes about their various media contacts.  Then they can use this information as a way of targeting their communications.  It’s nice to have all their contacts in one central file to share within the department, so each person can see the latest information and activity regarding any media contact.

The moral of the story is that maybe GoldMine can fit the needs of another department in your organization.  What a great way to leverage your existing investment!