Make Your “LM” More Effective

Since it is so common to be put into voicemail on prospecting/sales calls, consider an alternative approach that leverages GoldMine in order to make more effective use of your “LM” (Left Message) calls.

Here is a strategy you or your whole sales force can deploy to make the most of voicemail on “prospecting calls.” To begin with, prepare a great little message that sales reps can leave. In the message, point out to the prospect that you’re going to send them something and then follow up to make sure they received it and see if they are interested. Create a GoldMine Automated Process that can be assigned to a “Prospecting Call” with a “LM” result. Here are the events and actions that you might have it perform:

1. “Create a History” of “PC” (Prospecting Call) activity with an “LM” (Left Message) result code

2. “Send an email” or schedule a fax with OmniRush that introduces you, with a link to your web site, referencing your left message and the fact that you’re sending your business card, etc.

3. “Print a Form” as a cover letter for your business card, etc.

4. “Print a Report” using GoldMine (with or without OmniRush) to print an envelope or label with a Dymo® LabelWriter

5. “Schedule an Activity” for a follow-up call in your calendar for specific number of days in the future

If only once click could do all this, wouldn’t you do it! If you need OmniRush, a label writer or help with creating an Automated Process, your Solution Partner can assist you.

Having done all this on your first call, then your next follow-up call will leverage proven sales techniques for literature follow up in order to improve your odds of directly reaching your prospect. And, once you do reach them, they’ll have a better sense of what you can do for them. Of course they still need to want what you have to offer, but at least with this approach and a little luck in terms of timing, you’re certainly better off on your second call than you would be otherwise!

Equipped with a short and sweet voicemail script and this GoldMine Automated Process you will be more effective and start to feel more successful even on “left message calls.”