Sales Automation Just Got Easier with GoldMine Business Contact

If you are one who truly walks-the-talk with regard to sales automation, then you’re going to appreciate the ability that the latest version of GoldMine – 5.7 Business Contact Manager – gives you to create “global toolbars.” While this new feature is not nearly as robust as what third-party products like “SalesMagic” or “AIM ToolBars” enable you to do, it is a step forward for GoldMine.In the past, GoldMine would not allow you to create custom toolbars and/or macros that could be shared by other users. It was too much of a chore for a GoldMine administrator to set up and maintain individually for each workstation. Plus, if a user changed their toolbar, they’d lose all the items. Hallelujah … 5.7 is the solution – now you can turn your most common repetitive and time-consuming scheduling tasks and processes into macros and organize them under task bar categories and give global access to them.

Tip: For truly powerful macros that can print documents, run reports, schedule multiple activities all with a click of a button, assign a GoldMine Automated Processes with macro icon.