Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The adage “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” is truer than ever. Modern society has caused “attention deficit.” A state wherein there are more things vying for our limited attention than we can possibly focus on at once. In computer terms, you might say we’re trying to process more information than we have the “RAM” to do it with. As a result, our attention is constantly shifting from one matter to the next. And the moment, it does we may lose sight (attention) of the last matter we were dealing with.

In addition to all the stresses and problems this “attention deficit” condition is causing for us personally; it is creating major difficulties and challenges for marketing & sales professionals. As if it weren’t hard enough alone just to get one’s attentions, the moment we think we’ve got it, we’ve lost it again. One minute we’re talking to a prospect who’s all hot to purchase, the next we can’t even get them to call us back. Not because they’ve purchased elsewhere often times, but simply because they’re just too busy to give us their attention again.

GoldMine is a great tool for overcoming this challenge. Use it to reach your target audience frequently. Alter your channel of communications from fax, to phone, to email, to personal letter, to mass mailing. Mix it holiday greetings and article reprints. Sprinkle in other friendly relationship building touches like an article you thought might interest them. Using GoldMine this way you’re ensuring a much greater likelihood of being in-sight and on their mind when they’re ready to make a buying decision. In the process you’re building name recognition as well as credibility.