Call Scripts Get the Job Done.

Call scripts aren’t just for telemarketing reps! GoldMine’s “Scripts” feature is a great tool for anyone that wants to collect information efficiently and effectively. If your sales process involves a series of questions and you’re using GoldMine, then you’ve got to check out its “Scripts” feature.

This feature is found under “Sales Tools” under the View pull down menu. (There’s an icon available that you can insert on your toolbar to launch the Scripts tool. Drag the Scripts object to a place on your screen where you can also see the active GoldMine record.)

GoldMine can store multiple scripts for different situations, such as surveys, qualifying questions, prospecting calls, etc. One application that works well is when you need to collect detailed information from a prospect once you’ve gotten past the introductory stage. As an example, you could have a script of specific questions that you’re supposed to ask about their current hardware or equipment.

When you’re at the appropriate point in the conversation, make a transition into the script by saying something to the effect of “If you don’t mind, let’s just take a moment to run down some details I need in order to properly service you.” Then run your script.

Running a script is easy – that’s the beauty of them. The script tool displays the question(s), including a place for notes or special instructions. Below the question is a list of possible answers, including a choice that lets you enter the actual response. Each time you select an answer it takes you to the next question. It can branch out to different questions depending on the previous answer. At the end you can review your answers and accept or reject the results. After you complete the script the software returns to the beginning for the next time or to let you select a different script.

Scripts organize your questions so you don’t forget anything. Believe it or not, scripts are a faster and easier way to collect information than randomly thinking your way through all your questions. And, scripts can automatically fill in GoldMine fields, even if they’re on multiple custom screen tabs.

The history of running a script, including all the questions and answers, are stored in the GoldMine History tab. Activity and Result Codes can be assigned to a script so you can get statistics or run reports on the types of scripts already completed and their respective outcomes. In addition, within the “Maintenance” area of scripts, where you can build or modify the scripts, you’ll find statistics on how often a script has been run as well as numbers and percentages for each answer to every question. You can even tie GoldMine Automated Processes into it so that the completion of a script will automatically trigger the appropriate next action performed.